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Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology

From the shoreline to the deep ocean, tackling issues from pure ecology
and physiology to aquaculture, marine spatial planning and conservation.

Marine Biotechnology

Marine biotechnology is the use of organisms or their components to provide goods or services. Marine ecosystems encompass a wide range of physical environments, to the extreme pressures of the deep sea to hydrothermal vents with temperatures in excess of 100°C. Organisms that live within extreme environments display a wide range of biochemical properties and capabilities; this biological potential can be exploited for the development of novel commercial products and services. Marine biotechnology thus has an enormous potential to contribute to environmental and human health.

Within CMBB, biotechnology research currently focuses on developing screening technology to identify novel, mode of action, antibiotics. A key focus will be to exploit novel compounds produced by bacteria in their symbiotic interactions with marine invertebrates.