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Hamish Mair

Hamish Mair is a marine biologist who has research interests in tropical shrimp biology, fishery and aquaculture; crustacean biology and taxonomy; marine benthic ecology; pollution effects; marine conservation; inshore and offshore survey including diving and remote sampling techniques. Professor Mair has led four Darwin Initiative Research projects, the latest being the study of marine habitats around Las Perlas Archipelago in Panama. This project's main objective was successfully achieved with the designation (in 2007) of a 'Special Management Zone' conservation area around the Las Perlas Archipelago.

Professor Mair represents Heriot-Watt University on the Executive Committee of the marine research pool, MASTS and has good research links throughout the MASTS network. This 7-year project has funded at Heriot-Watt University the recruitment of a MASTS Reader (Dr Bill Sanderson, started 2011) and two PhD studentships (Jen Loxton, started 2010; and Flora Kent, started 2011) plus support for networking activities to promote collaborative marine research in Scotland. Hamish is also on the MASTS Executive Committee and lead the ‘International Collaboration and Networking’ steering group which currently is engaging with partners in Malaysia and linking with similar marine science networks in Colombia and Ecuador. He is leading a NERC/ESPA proposal on behalf of MASTS which is currently through to the second stage of the application process. This proposed consortium project would look at the coastal ecosystems in Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.

Hamish currently has a small travel grant from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to visit the University of Malaysia, Terengannu and discuss, with the Director (Professor Lokman) and staff of the Institute of Oceanographic, the potential for joint research projects and exchange of research students. This first visit will take place in June 2012 with an exchange visit by Professor Lokman to Heriot-Watt University at a later date.

His current research goals can be summarized as 'working to advance marine conservation in the UK, Latin America and Malaysia'.

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    Hamish Mair