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Birgit Gaiser

Birgit Gaiser is a toxicologist investigating the toxicity of nanoparticles in the environment. Her current project, NANOMICEX (funding: EU FP7) deals with a set of particles used as pigments in inks, paints and dyes, and examines their effect on algae and aquatic invertebrates. Future work in the project will involve modification of these particles to reduce their toxicity while preserving their pigment properties.

Working in both human (in vitro) and environmental particle toxicology, Dr Gaiser has been involved in interdisciplinary studies such as the Environment and Human Health Programme led by NERC, comparing particle toxicity in different models such as aquatic invertebrates, fish, and piscine and human cells.

In the past, Dr Gaiser has also worked on projects concerned with improving in vitro methods for particle and polymer risk assessments with the aim to reduce or replace animal experimentation (3Rs). This involved advanced cell culture methods such as co-culture and fluidic experiments and comparison between in vivo and in vitro studies.

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