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Bill Sanderson

Bill Sanderson is a MASTS Reader who's work concentrates on the marine biodiversity research needed to support sensitive management and sustainable development. He has experience and ongoing research interests in Marine Protected Areas and Marine Spatial Planning (including Energy Developments). Bill's research history in government has focused his interests on species and habitats of high nature conservation importance where he has worked to underpinned national marine policy, MPA designation, the formation of bylaws, proactive management, assessment and enforcement. He has contributed to UK marine assessments such as Charting Progress and the National Ecosystem Assessment.

Primarily a benthic ecologist, Bill has led numerous long-term strategic projects including: the recovery of scoter duck (Melanitta nigra) and their benthic prey after the Sea Empress oil spill; the biodiversity of horse mussel (Modiolus modiolus) biogenic structures; benthic resource use by wading birds and monitoring highly variable rare habitats found in lagoons.

Bill has served on three UK government monitoring groups developing the marine monitoring tools of as many European Directives; a role that he continues within the evolving Marine Strategy Framework Directive.

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Bill Sanderson