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Prof. Stewart Angus

Stewart Angus is an Honorary Professor in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University and holds an Honorary Senior Lectureshio in Geosciences at the University of Aberdeen. 

He is a Policy and Advice Manager in Scottish Natural Heritage, specialising in coastal habitats.  His work covers coastal casework, monitoring and survey of: sand dunes, machair, cliffs, shingle, saltmarsh and saline lagoons.  Current work addresses possible impacts of climate change on these habitats, both directly and via human responses to coastal change.

He began his career with the Nature Conservancy Council in 1978, covering Sutherland, where he became involved in the conservation of the peatlands of Sutherland and Caithness at an early stage.  He then returned to hs native Western Isles, where he became Area Manager on the formation of Scottish Natural Heritage, moving to the advisory section of SNH after 5 years.

As well as a wide range of papers, he has published two volumes of a trilogy on the natural history of the Outer Hebrides, and is currently working on the finals volume.

His main research interests cover machair and sline lagoons, and increasingly feature the functionality and connectivity of these, as well as the way past management might influence future responses to climate change.

He is Director of the SCAPE Trust and a member of the MASTS Coastal Processes and Dynamics Forum.