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Ruth Hoban

Ruth Hoban

Ruth is an Honorary Fellow in the School of Life Sciences. Ruth is a marine scientist who is working in Scottish fisheries and marine management. She carried out her MSc in Marine Environmental Management and worked on a research project with the Isle of Man government to assess the use of environmental performance indicators as an assessment of marine ecosystem health.

Ruth is involved with marine research organisations carrying out marine mammal surveys in the North and Irish Seas and around the Canary Islands. Her research aims to gain a better understanding into cetacean distribution and migration.

Ruth is currently working with the Sustainable Inshore Fisheries Trust to develop a viable fisheries management framework for the Firth of Clyde. Working closely with fishermen, fishery managers, government, academics and other industry stakeholders, Ruth's work is focused on ensuring sustainability and profitability for the Firth of Clyde's inshore fisheries.