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Paul Kingston

Dr Paul Kingston is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at Heriot-Watt University. He is a benthic ecologist whose research interests centre on the structure and dynamics of seabed communities in relation to industrial and domestic marine developments. An area of special interest is bridging the gap between science and technology in the interpretation of marine survey data related to biological community structure, chemical contamination, and other environmental disturbance. Formerly Assistant Director of the University's Institute of Offshore Engineering, Paul has had over 35 years of experience studying the impact of industrial developments on the marine environment.

Paul has been involved in many major developments of public interest. He has had extensive experience in assessing the impact of the offshore oil industry on the marine environment having worked on most major North Sea petroleum developments and many of the world's major oil spills. Following an oil spill on the Galàpagos Islands in 2001, Paul became interested in the benthos of the area and the environmental impact of tourism on the islands. He is currently working on a book on the polychaete fauna of the region. He is also currently responsible for the maintenance of the U.K. oil industry's database of Offshore Environmental Monitoring Surveys and is News Editor of the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.

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