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Martin Wilkinson

Professor Martin Wilkinson was the first Marine Biology lecturer appointed by Heriot-Watt University (in 1974) following lectureships in Botany at London University and Biology at Paisley College of Technology (now Paisley University). Martin is an Honorary Research Fellow and continues to be an intergral part of the CMBB.

Martin received a BSc in Botany (1966) and a PhD in Marine Botany (1970) from Liverpool University. He has held several posts in the British Phycological Society as well as being Treasurer of the Estuarine & Coastal Sciences association (since 1978).

Martin's research interests started with the ecology and taxonomy of marine algae but have broadened to include marine conservation biology, estuarine management and pollution control, and marine ecotoxicology. In all these areas extensive consultancy work has been undertaken which provides many case studies for use in teaching.

His current research interests are:

  1. Distribution of estuarine algae in relation to environmental factors.
  2. Long-term changes in the algal flora of the Forth and Clyde estuaries.
  3. Development and taxonomy of green algae.
  4. Development of toxicity testing by green algae.




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