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From the shoreline to the deep ocean, tackling issues from pure ecology
and physiology to aquaculture, marine spatial planning and conservation.


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Marwa Mohammed AlGhanem

Investigation of the biodiversity and ecology of encrusting epifauna associated with bivalve molluscs


Omar Alharbi

Omar completed his PhD in 2013, studying the marine toxicology of oilfield chemicals. Omar is now the Saudi government representative at the UN on environmental sustainable development



Hassien Alnashiri

Hassien completed his PhD on the ecotoxicology of copper nanoparticles in marine mussels in 2015.



 Majed Al-Shaeri

Marine ecotoxicology: impact of carbon nanotubes
Majed is now assistant Professor of nanotoxicology at Department of Biological Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia



Maritza Cardenas

Contaminated sediments and their remediation in aquatic systems in Ecuador



Rob small

Rob Cook

Regeneration of temperate marine biogenic reefs: Developing tools for their restoration


Jon Curry


Jonathan Curry

Ecotoxicology of nanomaterials




Laurence De Clippele

Integrated ecological and geophysical mapping of cold-water coral habitats

Beatriz de Francisco Mora cropped

Beatriz De Francisco Mora

Beatriz's PhD examined the effects of ocean acidification and warming on the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa. Following her PhD, Beatriz joined the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth for a post-doctoral research position.


Penelope Donohue

Penelope completed her PhD in March 2015.  Her research focussed on the effects of acidification and arming on marine calcifying biota.


Melanie Dourain

Melanie's PhD focused on using cold-water corals geochemistry for palaeo-environmental reconstruction. On completion, she joined the University of Nantes as a post-doctoral researcher.


Virginia Echavarri Bravo

Virginia's research focussed on the effects of different types of AgNPs (silver nanoparticles) on estuarine bacteria and to study the impact of AgNPs based on an ecosystem approach.  Virginia is currently a reseach associate with CMBB.


Kate Gormley

Kate's project focused on mapping Priority Marine Features, and using knowledge of their ecosystem to underpin the marine planning system. Fllowing post-docs in CMBB, Kate is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen.


Flora Kent

Flora completed her PhD on the societal benefits of biogenic structures in 2015.  She is currently a Policy and Advice Officer for Marine Protected Areas at Scottish Natural Heritage.

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Simon Little

Toxicity of nanomaterials, silver and titanium dioxide, in sediment and aqueous exposures




Jen Loxton

Jen's PhD investigated the effects of climate change on the biodiversity and skeletal mineralogy of Scottish and Antarctic bryozoans. Following her PhD, Jen joined UHI at the Environmental Research Institute in Thurso as a PDRA marine ecologist, looking at environmental impacts of marine renewable energy devices on benthic communities



Clara Mackenzie

Vulnerability of Modiolus reefs to climate change: from mechanisms to management strategies




Florian Mallèvre

Development and testing of luminescent and fluorescent bacterial based biosensors to assess effects of nanomaterials in simple and complex matrices


Lauren McWhinnie

Lauren's PhD focussed on using GIS to inform site selection of Aquaculture in Scottish waters and Marine Spatial Planning. Lauren is now a Research Fellow for the University of Victoria.


 Juan Moreno-Navas

Juan's postdoctoral research encompassed ecohydrodynamic modelling & computational ecology of cold-water coral ecosystems. 

Profile Danai Patsiou

Danai Patsiou

Ecotoxicology of engineered nanomaterials in zebrafish

Kai profile

Kai Paul

Kai completed his PhD in 2015 on the environmental impact of nanomaterials using the model organism Daphnia magna.  Kai is currently working as a consultant for Blue Frog Environmental in Edinburgh.


Valentina Ricottone

Ecotoxicology of selected nanomaterials to benthic freshwater invertebrates



David Robinson

Biology of top marine predators in the Indian Ocean




Pawitrabhorn Samutrtai

Toxicological effects of silver and copper oxide nanomaterials in Caenorhabditis elegans
Sam now works at Nanosafety and Risk Assessment (SRA)NANOTEC Research Centre, Thailand




Sally Rouse

Understanding benthic productivity on artificial structures: maximising the benefits of marine renewable energy


 Jose Da Carmo Da Silva

Jose's completed his PhD in 2015 titled "An Objective Approach to Evaluate Environmental Management in the Offshore Oil Industry in the Timor Sea, East Timor".

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Johanne Vad

Environmental assessment of deep-water sponge fields in relation to oil and gas activity: a west of Shetland case study.


Laura Wicks

Laura's postdoctoral research focused on the ecophysiology of cold-water corals. Following 5 years of research at Heriot-Watt, Laura is now a public engagement coordinator for the University, leading the initiative HW Engage.