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CMBB research highlighted at UN Climate Change Conference COP18


CMBB PhD student David Robinson recently presented his research findings on the mysterious and massive whale sharks at the United Nations Climate Change Conferences, COP 18, in Doha.

David highlighted the 12 day research expedition team he undertook with Qatari and international researchers, and an underwater camera team, aimed at understanding why so many whale sharks gather in the area and to learn more about them. The area studied could potentially be home to one of largest aggregations of whale sharks in the world! 

David's PhD research focuses on understanding the ecology of whale sharks in the Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, sharks that can grow to more than 15 metres in length. The plight of whale sharks in this region was brought to international attention in the 2009 Arabian Seas Whale Shark Symposium. Since then, David's project has involved extensive fieldwork and a satellite tagging initiative, with a view to providing information about the species so that protection within the region may be considered.

More information on David's project can be found on the Save Our Seas Website.