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Professor Roberts delivers keynote lecture to the Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences GLOMAR Graduation Day


The Graduates of GLOMAR, the Bremen International Graduate School for Marine Sciences, received not only their doctorates this December, but also a keynote lecture from CMBB Director Professor Murray Roberts.

GLOMAR provides a dedicated research training programme for PhD students from around the world, in all fields related to global change in the marine realm. Their aim is to advance the field of marine sciences and educate young scientists to be able to tackle the challenges in a changing world over the coming decade. As Professor Roberts' Coral Ecosystems Lab at CMBB has a key focus on climate change, it was incredibly fitting that he was selected for the keynote lecture.

Professor Roberts' lecture, titled 'Ocean acidification and the uncertain future facing marine seabed ecosystems' discussed one of the biggest threats facing our oceans today; the rapidly changing chemistry of the oceans linked to increasing carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. All organisms living in the oceans will be affected in some way, and researchers from across CMBB are working on a myriad of projects to determine what the future holds for our marine environment. For more information, see our research webpages.