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CMBB Dive Team Win Public Engagement Prize


For the third year in a row, members of the CMBB have received recognition for the public outreach work they have been involved in. This year, the Heriot Watt Scientific Dive Team has been awarded the Principal’s Public Engagement Award in the Team category.

Members of the Heriot-Watt Scientific Dive Team have led exhibitions at the Dunbar Science Festival, the Lates festival at the Natural History Museum and the Edinburgh Science Festival. These included interactive displays such as touch tanks, a mussel feeding experiment, microscope stalls and ocean acidification experiments. The touch tanks are particularly popular at festivals as they allow children and adults to get "hands on" experience with the animals.

During our fieldwork to sites around Scotland, Wales and even as far afield as Antarctica we always interact with the public through a wide range of media outlets including twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, radio and news interviews and live link up lectures. We regularly have professional photographers and BBC radio journalists joining us in order to document and communicate science in action.

We have received a great deal of interest in our work from the public. People are particularly interested in the human aspect of our day to day jobs, for example, living on a boat and working underwater, on the seabed using SCUBA diving equipment. The team has accumulated a large collection of underwater images and videos, and the public engagement prize will help us to display these images at outreach events, and to clarify the purpose of our work.