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Is electro-pulse fishing like whaling?

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On Monday 9th February, the's George Monbiot published an article (We should be outraged by Europe slaughtering sea life in the name of 'science'), which struck a chord with CMBB researcher Dr Fiona Murray.

Of the article, Dr Murray said "It's not normal for someone who studies benthic invertebrates to have their work compared to whaling, but that's exactly what happened!"

 Dr Murray has since had a response article (Pulse fishing trials are scientifically valid) published on outlining some of the benefits of scientific trials for electro-fishing

She goes on to say, "Electro-fishing intuitively sounds like a basd idea, but it could reduce the environmental impacts of trawls and dredges and substantially reduce carbon emissions of fishing fleets.  I wanted to challenge the negative press and encourage people to keep and open mind about these trials."