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CMBB Students win National Student Awards

modiolus news

CMBB PhD Students Flora Kent and Clara Mackenzie win first and second prize at the P1 Marine Foundation 2014 National Student Awards.

 Flora's project ‘The use of ecosystem services to support conservation of shellfish reefs’ uses innovative techniques to investigate the provision of ecosystem services by horse mussel reefs to support marine policy and conservation.

Clara's project ‘Vulnerability of Modiolus modiolus reefs to climate change: from mechanisms to management strategies’ will determine the current energetic demands and stress response of M. modiolus populations in the field to include those populations at the extreme southern limit of the range and northward over a latitudinal gradient.

The National Student Awards recognise UK students who present outstanding work that will help to protect and conserve the marine environment. Projects are chosen for their originality, environmental merit and ground breaking content. 

The awards ceremony will take place in London in February and will involve prize giving and presentations from the winning students.

It is great that the innovative work carried out by PhD students at Heriot-Watt is recognised at a national level, Congratualtions!


 Photo Credit: Robert Cook, Heriot-Watt University