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Bobby Forbes: Dive Officer Extraordinaire

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It is with great sadness that we annouce the passing of one of our resepcted colleagues Bobby Forbes (1957 - 2015).

Bobby was a Heriot-Watt Marine Biology graduate in the late 1970's and became a diving technician for the university' Diving Unit before jointing the then Institute of Offshore Engineering.

Bobby was responsible for establishing the Dive Unit at Heriot-Watt's Orkney campus (now ICIT) from 1990 onwards and was the University' Dive Officer between 1987 - 2003.

Bobby's formidible character was responsible for the success of the University' scientific diver training centre; a legacy that will continue and grow; and saw several hundred students passing though the HSE Part IV Diver training.  A hard taskmaster, that's true, but all students leaving with admiration and respect for Bobby, with many remaining close friends.

The quality of the training he provided, and an unblemished safety record, were testement to Bobby's high standards - students were never in any doubt as to what was expected from them.

Bobby was also responsible for establishing hyperbaric treatment facilities with NHS Orkney for the treatment of divers with decompression sickness, later spinning out to Sula Diving, contributing to life-saving treatment of many divers.

Bobby endured a progressive illness, but did so with fortitude and good humour, a testement to his strength of character.  Bobby and his story-telling will be sorely missed.