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Academic Collaboration in Myanmar

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CMBB's Professor Hamish Mair recently returned from a 10-day visit to Myanmar (Burma) funded by a 'Collaborative Development Award' from the British Council.  The main purpose of the visit was to meet staff in various university, NGOs and relevant people involved in marine science and training in Myanmar.

Myanmar, one of the 10 countries of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), is the current focus of massive international support to assist it to develop economically after several decades of being a virtually 'closed' country under military rule.  The enormous coastline provides the country with abundant natural resources of known offshore oil and gas reserves: being exploited currently by international consortia such as, among others, Total E&P Myanmar, Petronas Carigali Myanmar.

The fisheries and coastal aquaculture industries are well developed but already running into over exploitation and environmental problems.  The marine tourism industry is just starting to take off and marine conservation is also now a major focus.

Professor Mair visited the Universities of Yangon (Formally Rangoon), Pathein and Myeik.  Whilst there is marine science teaching and research activities at four universities, the impression gained was that Myeik University was being established as the future Centre of Excellence for marine studies in the country.

CMBB will be interested to see how these collaborations develop in the future and look forward to adding Myanmar to it's growing map of exotic project locations!