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Centre for

Marine Biodiversity and Biotechnology

From the shoreline to the deep ocean, tackling issues from pure ecology
and physiology to aquaculture, marine spatial planning and conservation.


Our Laboratories

We have flexible laboratory facilities for physiological studies, microscopy, molecular biology and the development of ecotoxicological biomarker assays and routine OECD toxicology tests. We also have laboratory facilities for the study of benthic biodiversity and sediment characteristics.


Analytical Equipment

We have a wide range of analytical equipment, from Mass spectrometers to Microscopes. On the biological side, we have tissue culture and histology facilities, while from a chemistry perspective we have compound extraction and analysis facilites. Click the links on the left to find out more.

Aquarium and Experimental Facilities

The aquarium is a central facility for the CMBB. It comprises 3 rooms with seawater, filtered freshwater and air on-tap. Additionally, there are also six Constant Temperature rooms, allowing simulation of natural conditions throughout the year. One of these rooms contains a dedicated ocean acidification facility. More on the wet facilities can be found by clicking the links on the left 

Seagoing research

The CMBB has its own research vessels, including the RV Serpula, along with a scientific dive team. We also have a wide range of equipment for sampling and surveying from our various vessels. For further information see the Seagoing research section. 

Tropical fieldstation

As part of CMBB's Msc Programme for Marine and Environmental Studies, students have the opportunity to take part in a tropical fieldcourse on a remote coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. Further details can be found here. 

CMBB Facilities