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Lea-Anne Henry


Lea-Anne Henry is an ecologist with broad interests in biodiversity, biogeography, and ecosystem function. Overarching themes include: ecological structure and functioning of marine habitats, impacts of human activities and climate change on ocean ecosystems, and ecology of the marine Hydrozoa.

She was a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow under the EU FP6 working on the HERMES project, and since 2010 has been a Research Fellow with Heriot-Watt, first working under the FP7 HERMIONE project, and more currently on NERC, MASTS, British Council and industry-funded projects including North Sea Interactive, Atlantic Interactive, SIORC, and ANCHor.

North Sea and Atlantic Interactive NERC projects (2013-2015) compiled environmental datasets collected by NERC and other scientists from the North Sea and Atlantic margin off the western Scotland and integrated these with industry data into bespoke GIS tools for the oil and gas industry. SIORC is an on-going Community Project with MASTS to develop a prioritised research agenda for elasmobranchs in Scottish waters. SIORC conducts targeted field studies, and currently runs a British Council funded project in Peru to determine size limits for shark and ray fisheries. ANChor (2016-2018) is funded by the INSITE programme, and integrates marine growth survey data with ocean forecasts to investigate the potential for North Sea oil and gas platforms to act as an ecologically connected network of structures.

Lea-Anne is Joint Co-ordinator for the SIORC project, PI on the Peru shark and ray fishery project, and PI on the ANChor project. She is also a working group member for the Deep Water Ecology Working Group for the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea.

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